For the past twenty years Ann has slowly but surely been building a sizable following on the UK music scene. It would be true to say that it wasn't until her late twenties that Ann ever considered a career in music. In fact until then, she hadn't even sung in the bath, much less performed in public; but a chance meeting with Leicestershire based songwriter Colin Granger was to change the course of her life forever.

Having been persuaded to road test some of his songs with him in local folk clubs and festivals she embarked on a journey from which there was to be no looking back. She has now established herself as one of the most distinctive voices on the UK live circuit, gigging extensively throughout the country to increasingly enthusiastic crowds.

Ann's voice has taken her from the East Midlands to Clarksdale USA. Along the way she has performed with a variety of musicians and recorded five celebrated albums.

Sometimes she feels that she's more like a character in one of Colin's songs than the person singing them. With two USA tours behind her she has been given the name of 'the white blues lady', and inspite of her having performed with blues greats such as Larry Garner, Lonnie Shields and Mr. Johnnie Billington of Clarksdale, Ann's music might best be described as a seamless mix adding country, folk and rock, played with a powerful combination of energy, melody and lyricism. Perhaps this is why Ann has been adopted by all of these genres of music.

Ann is involved in a number of projects these days involving a variety of top rate musicians depending on the needs of the venue. However, Rob Hines who has been with her from the beginning always forms part of the line-up.

The past years have seen them perform a variety of clubs, festivals and private and corporate events alike with growing media attention to match all done by word of mouth in confirmation of their outstanding ability to entertain. See for yourself on the reviews page.

Look out for what is happening on this site, social media, radio and much more. It's all very exciting and our greatest wish is that you join us on this exciting journey.