4th Feb 2022 - Rob & I have teamed up with Leicester blues guitarist Al Sansome and are looking forward to working as a trio on some upcoming gigs! He's also now hosting the Annie & Al's Juke Joint as Al Shotter presently has other commitments. 

23rd October 2021 - We've had some publicity photos taken by Claire Ellen photography at Quorn & Woodhouse Great central railway. Can't wait to see the final results! Many thanks to the staff at the station for being so accomodating. www.gcrailway.co.uk

11th May 2021 - Live music is returning at last! Some of our dates have been rescheduled so check out the shows page to see where and when we will be performing. We're so excited at getting back out on the road and seeing you all again!

27th January 2021 - Rob & I have been revisiting Colin's back catalogue of songs and have begun work towards making a new album 

A book about the songwriting of Billy Joe Shaver is due to be released in April 2022, written by Courtney S. Lennon and features many great artists and we are lucky enough to be included having recorded his song 'Live forever'.

More information at   www.shaverliveforever.com